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Documentary: Imagine Being a Concert Pianist

58 minute long BBC documentary called Imagine: Being a Concert Pianist. In July, 19-year-old pianist Benjamin Grosvenor made his debut at the Proms to great …

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  • Nathan Kamm 8 months ago

    Song at 4:05?

  • piano345 8 months ago

    From your educated response I guess you must be a pianist who can play all the five Beethoven piano concertos, perform Bartok’s second concerto and Prokofiev’s third concerto in Berlin to a packed enthusiastic audience as well Michael Tippett’s piano concerto at London’s Barbican Hall and not forgetting concertos by Liszt Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky etc.I guess not so you aren’t in any position to call Lang Lang ‘a preposterous charlatan.’ Musical snobbery at its worst.

  • innov8music 8 months ago

    How can so many of you negativity criticize any of the musicians in this film, when Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are praised by hundreds of millions of people….? Something doesn’t make sense here… Perhaps you should be thankful for any & ALL serious musicians. 1 – they dedicate their entire lives to their craft. 2 – they bring inexplicably profound music into this world, regardless of what you think of their technique/stage presence. Classical music snobs… barf… I digress..

  • jim m 8 months ago

    Lang has no style and imagination. He is more like Liberace. Liberace was the better pianist. Lang just puts on a superficial show. His “adoring audiences” are just new listeners of great music. His only redeeming quality he might bring people to begin to listen to fine music. Otherwise, Lang is a preposterous charlatan..

  • piano345 8 months ago

    There are those pianists with no style and imagination and they are the first to find fault with pianists like Lang Lang who have it naturally and in abundance. The adoring response of his audiences worldwide show what I mean. This cannot be taught – either you have it or you dont. Note reading and a certain standard of technique can be taught but the rest is a gift of nature.

  • mathmantall 8 months ago

    Another version of Hungarian Dance No.5 (Brahms J.)

  • kerry washington 8 months ago

    Glenn Gould was an exception, because the Russians rule as far a classical pianist are concerned. Lang Lang I think is (unwarranted) ego tripping and in the interim making a fool of himself, I can’t imagine a sane person acting as he does, someone should really help him, but I think he is so arrogant, and delusional he would not take constructive criticism. He may have tons of money but I don’t think he’s happy, reality will catch up with him and it won’t be pretty.

  • Karl Feder 8 months ago

    tolle Doku. Leider kein Wort über Wahrnehmung als solche, Sensualität, Relaxation…

  • LiamRoweMusic 8 months ago

    And the flourishing arpeggios in-between the two pieces is from Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto 2, 3rd movement

  • The17Shrooms 8 months ago

    Very much appreciated. Hungarian Rhapsody 2 was what I was looking for. Such a dark and morbid yet ecstatic and lively piece. I’m ashamed I didn’t know the name of it or couldn’t find it myself. Thanks again!

  • bsaj1230 8 months ago

    what is the first song of this documentary called

  • mathmantall 8 months ago

    For the first 7 second, it’s the Hungarian Rhapsodies 2 by F. Liszt, immediately followed by Chopin’s “Heroic” Polonaise

  • Warren Pugh 8 months ago

    u betcha!

  • The17Shrooms 8 months ago

    Someone please tell me the name of the piece at 4:53!

  • TheAtomicPianist 8 months ago

    In fairness I do agree that Lang Lang focuses too much on ‘showing off’ and less of the actual music. Don’t get me wrong – it’s clear that he is extremely talented and skilled. That’s why it’s somewhat frustrating that he doesn’t put enough care into the music as he does the showmanship! If his body language didn’t affect his playing it would be fine, but unfortunately it palpably detracts from his actual playing – at least I think so.

  • The word overrated is overrated

  • chopzart 8 months ago

    The Lark by Glinka

  • aspenpiano 8 months ago

    What is it called?

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